Natural Stream

imagine a world where we all solve our planetary and human problems together, to save our future

…and we make this the future of work (and get paid for it)


Introducing Rapid
Re-Imagining (RR)™ AI

A chat and data tool for groups who want to create better futures, together


On-demand future problem-solving

96% employees wanted to develop their ideas

350 early adopters in global innovation community

23 live chat events across five continents


Cat Fraser


18 years working at the cutting edge of digital transformation, innovation and social data intelligence for 10% of the FTSE 100 and creative tech startups. Immersed herself in purpose-led business whilst living in Australia, and has been re- imagining and re-designing everything (with data) ever since.

Colorful Abstract

Return On Shared Ideas (ROSI)™ 

We’re transforming a new way of working and innovating into a new shared-value business model, measurement and marketplace