What amount are you raising?

The funding round launches on the 7th July and runs until the 31st July. If everyone invested just £1K/ A$1.8K we could reach £150K/ A$268K. However, since this is not on a traditional crowdfunding platform there is no restrictions on what we can do together!

How much should I spend?

All investments are at your own risk and you should only invest what you can afford. The minimum buy-in is set at £500/ A$895. If you would like to buy a higher percentage of equity you are welcome to send more to the bank accounts detailed in the investment pack.

How else can I get involved?

We encourage all our investors to take an active role in building and reviewing the product as well as growing the company through introductions and partnerships.

Consultants can become sales partners and Advisors could apply to join our board.

The global online community events will also be switched back on once we are further ahead with the product development.    

What paperwork do I need to sign?

Re-Imagineers uses a digital platform called Seedlegals to manage the Cap Table and legal documentation of the company.

Once you have sent a payment, you will receive an invitation to the platform and receive your documents to sign. You will also be able to build and manage your profile as a Shareholder of the company.

Please note that your equity allocation will be based on a % of the total funds raised at the end of the month. 


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