Future mindsets

Measure, segment and benchmark new creative capabilities, behaviours, skills and values


Identifying new opportunities and new markets

In partnership with the Re-Imagineers online global community of Futurists, Strategists, Community Leaders and Academics, we have produced unique societal research across 18 social movements*.

New evidence of disruption that is being led by emotional needs.

Our definition of 'social movements' = sector agnostic, human lenses on the future that will have a direct or in-direct impact on every sector and organisation.


Re-Imagineers is designing for the #1 Trend that we have uncovered in the Future of Work: Self-Sufficiency

Co-EQ™ is a unique, agile system that continuously uncovers and models new behaviours, capabilities, values and needs that are emerging outside Corporate walls, into creative behavioural diagnostic chatbots and social analytics.

Use Re-Imagineers: EX to spot innovators and capture new innovations.


Creative AI

A unique system that models emerging social trends into creative behavioural diagnostic chatbots.


Grow business

Consultants: design, sell and scale collaborative workshops to clients with Re-Imagineers: Marketplace


Better Futures

After years of impact-design. creative innovation experiments and social science research, we're building a human technology company.


Future learning

Continuously uncover, model and design-for new societal behaviours, capabilities, values and needs that you might not be looking for yet.



Re-Imagineers are entrepreneurial, creative, collaborative workers that are actively re-designing the future, outside their job roles. They have existing future capabilities, behaviours, values and needs that you might not be looking for yet, and the potential to turn new, game-changing ideas into new purpose-led business models.


Re-design the future together. Today. 

Re-Imagineers is a behavioural creative engagement and data tool to design communities for social change, inside and outside the workplace.

We're working with a number of forward-thinking Blue-Chip Corporates, Consultancies and Universities throughout 2018-19.

If you would like to join our list of early-bird customers, please email helllo@re-imagineers.co and we will be in touch.



Cat Fraser


Creative Visionary and Digital Social Innovator with 15 years working at the cutting-edge of data and strategy with global brands, corporates and agencies to help them uncover and design-for emerging customer needs, ideas and markets.

(Lloyds Banking Group, Ex-Syncapse, Ex-Havas, Ex-AstraZeneca)

(Global Enterprise clients have also included: L'Oreal, RB, Disney, Toyota, Intel, HSBC)

Geoff Kaile


Highly experienced Creative Technologist and Full Stack Developer that has built smart, scalable systems across Advertising, GovTech and FinTech for the last 20 years.

Also doing an Msc in Psychology at Regents University.

(Ex-Havas, Ex-LoveFilm, Ex-Barclays,

Ex-Department of Pensions)


We are always interested in working with value-aligned investors and partners who see the long-term, societal benefits of building a human technology company. Contact cat@re-imagineers.co or visit our investor site below to find out more about the opportunity.

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About Us

An Industry Leader

RE-IMAGINEERS is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Founded by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide. Why not join our fast growing client base? Get in touch today to learn more.


Our unique creative data science and agile innovation system empowers employees and citizens to uncover, solve and manage their ideas for social change and impact.

A new concept that we call 'self-consultancy'.




Be part of a future consultancy marketplace

Work with companies looking for new ideas outside their corporate walls


Inside and outside the workplace

Re-Imagineers is a creative social technology platform and data tool for modern workers and employee innovators.



Designed for global and co-located employee or customer communities



Re-imagine our world through different lenses and explore alternative futures



API-based app that integrates into existing social enterprise networks (e.g Slack)


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