Modern workers across all generations are increasingly finding themselves searching for new meaning and purpose. They need new ways to market their creativity through data and to develop a new social identity and income, based on their positive impact in the world. 

Re-Imagineers is a complete. creative data-science based, social innovation operating system to support them to do this: emotionally, functionally and financially.

(Inside and outside the workplace).


I care about creating better futures for myself and others


I lead a community of people that are exploring new ideas for social change


I want to find, keep and engage future people, at speed and scale


Creative AI to design smarter, fairer, futures.

Co-EQ is our unique AI that designs communities for social change and transforms focused collaboration into a new data set of problems and solutions.


Innovation social data and analytics

Structured data to uncover new game-changing ideas, business models and markets.


A human technology company

We're impact-driven, purpose-led and founded by a global community of early-adopters and creative innovators.

Together, we are building a human innovation platform and creative social data network to help future problem-solvers realise their amazing creativity for social good and transform it into new sustainable revenue streams.


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