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Helps community leaders build shared revenue streams for purpose and profit.

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Cut through the noise and focus collaboration 



Design on-demand conversations


Capture new creative innovations & projects


Deliver self and group social analytics


Re-Imagining the future of work, money, living, ageing, death..etc.

In 2016, Re-Imagineers launched an online global community and unique future learning programme, in partnership with the Founder's global network of futurists, strategists, community leaders and academics in the UK and Australia.

Together we explored 18 different social movements with employees and consutants from companies such as NESTA, Deloitte, University of Sydney, The Collective, Consensys, and community leaders of Responsive Org, The, London Futurists, The Groundswell Project, Strategic Management Forum and Life. Death. Whatever.

  • We uncovered a new set of emerging social trends and transformed them into a new human-centered design framework of 'unmet human needs'

  • We captured new evidence of a people-led disruption emerging outside corporate walls

  • We tested and validated a new algorithm to uncover future capabilities, skills, values and mindsets amongst modern workers and early adopters

  • We developed a series of creative data visualisations to bring to life our co-created outputs (people-first ideas and projects), that could be mapped to any emerging technology


Data-driven future problem-solving

Re-Imagineers: CX uses creative AI, machine learning and innovation social data & analytics, to provide community leaders with a next-generation strategic planning and creative innovation tool.


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