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Helps business leaders grow creative, self-sufficient modern workers.

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Creative social technology that designs, matches and mobilises the most effective teams, to future problem-solving projects and opportunities.

Technology is API-based and Integrates with most social enterprise networking platforms including:



Unlock hidden entrepreneurial talent and employee IP



existing future capabilities and mindsets


change with internal innovators


Align employees to business needs


70+ % employee trust, engagement & advocacy

Through identifying employees who already have future capabilities, behaviours, values and mindsets inside a global bank, we structured an online future of work programme with 38 highly-engaged employee change-makers and internal innovators, across 15 local markets, 12 corporate functions and 6 business units.

  • Leadership received a global strategic gap and opportunity analysis with 18 new business cases for innovation projects to solve their needs

  • 96% of the group wanted to develop the ideas they generated 

  • 42% did things differently and took direct action in just 2 weeks, for themselves, others and the organisation


“Without even knowing it, we were applying an Agile way of working to topics that, by their very nature, sometimes defy structured thinking.”

Global Head of Insight, Top 10 Global Bank


Get your workforce future ready today

Re-Imagineers: EX uses creative AI, machine learning and innovation social data & analytics, to provide business leaders with an innovation talent management and workforce collaborative intelligence tool.


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