A behavioural creative analytics tool to 
find, attract and retain next-generation leaders


Powered by a unique creative social science AI system 




Cut behavioural consultancy projects from 18 months -> 3 days

Through arming your employees with a self-consultancy platform, business leaders are able to rapidly bring a traditional behavioural consultancy project in-house and cut the time, energy and costs from 18 months to 3 days; whilst helping Talent leaders find, attract and retain valuable entrepreneurial talent. 


Employee behavioural measurement

Align employees to societal trends that our global community identifies and rank the top 10 needs that your employees most identify with

Only pay for your highly active users 

We believe that inside every organisation there are 5% of changemakers/ internal entrepreneurs. These are employees that have the existing future of work capabilities, who also have unrealised ideas for a game-changing business model that could ensure your future survival. 

Re-Imagineers will unlock their creative potential and encourage them to build peer capabilities.


Employee curated problem solving

Run collaborative online programmes to dig deeper into the topics that employees care about and structure new innovation business cases to ask the rest of the organisation

Employees at a Top 10 Global Bank that used Re-Imagineers reported 70%+ Employee Trust, Advocacy and Engagement

A diverse group of entrepreneurial employees across 15 markets, 12 corporate functions and 6 business units at a Global Bank came together to discuss their thoughts and feelings about their current and future workplace.

Through focusing the conversation employees naturally started creative problem solving, and generated 18 business cases for new innovation projects to drive social change.


Employee SaaS Self-Consultancy Platform:
How Re-Imagineers Works

1. Chat bot creative behavioural diagnostics

2. Self & Group Analytics Dashboard

3. Curated Future Discovery Programmes

  • Employees are invited to join a global ecosystem of Re-Imagineers

  • Individuals have full control of their identity, data and privacy settings - Enterprises can upgrade to transfer this ownership to them

  • Full integration with existing internal systems available



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