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Always-on intelligent innovation to take control of the future and unlock new creative, human potential for yourself, organisations and society.


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(Upgrade to develop your ideas around other themes and topics and get connected to innovation opportunities, inside and outside the workplace).

What you get:


Own/ manage your data


Find your tribe with unlimited data & analytics and get access to innovation projects outside the workplace.

What you get: 


Own / manage your data

Licence to other organisations (if you want)


Get a birds-eye view of your community and host a future discovery programme through the platform once a month.

What you get: 

x1 HOSTBOARD for ExecutivePeople OR Ideas

Admin management

White-labelling  option available for Re-Imagineers partners.


Embed a complete GDPR-compliant innovation social data & analytics system and engage your workforce and/or customers with unlimited future discovery programmes, supported by a matched, on-demand consultancy partner of Re-Imagineers.

What you get:

API-based employee creative problem solving tool 

Employee/ customer self-analytics 

Full suite of HOST-BOARDS (Executive, People and Ideas).

Advanced data set-up and ongoing management


Uncover amazing creative potential and build new revenue streams

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