The platform

Creative social enterprise technology for modern workers and employee innovators.


: On-Demand

Hire the right external expertise when you need it

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1. Purchase a future discovery event or programme

Schedule a one-off or series of, collaborative online conversations that you wish to have with your most interested employees, to uncover new innovations.

2. Book an online consultancy team

Invite modern workers to carefully curate the group chats and share their own experiences, thoughts and feelings about the future with your employees.

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3. Design the event questions and comms pack

Discuss the brief and focus of the collaboration in partnership with your external experts, so they can create pre, during and post content.


: Playground.API

Plug-in external expertise and manage data privacy

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1. Set-up a new group chat

Our MVP is built to run using Slack channels but we will be adding more options soon. Let us know here if you would like us to prioritise a particular platform.

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2. Send invites and RSVP

Empower change-makers that are actively re-designing the future inside or the workplace. Request their permission to store their conversation and ideas.

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3. Host an inclusive conversation

We've re-imagined the online focus group and turned it into a fun, creative, collaborative experience that anyone can participate in from mobile or desktop.


: Self-Board

A social data tool to bring to life human imagination

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1. See and measure individual contribution and impact

It is easy to forget about the amazing conversations that we have had and our role that we play in developing new ideas about the future.

Through hosting future discovery conversations online we can provide immediate feedback to participants:

  • Volume of conversation per question and topic

  • Top phrases and keywords per question and topic


: Host-Board

A group social content and data tool to build new innovation projects

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1. Analyse the transcripts

Client and consultants can collaborate together to mark-up key verbatim and findings to feed into a written report or existing Innovation Management Software.


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